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Mike Huckabee Ends Fox News Show To Explore 2016 Presidential Run


Former Alaska Governor Mike Huckabee ended his Fox News show, "Huckabee," on Jan. 3 to explore a potential presidential run in 2016.

“As much as I have loved doing the show, I cannot bring myself to rule out another presidential run,” Huckabee said on the show’s final episode, adding that he would make his decision “late in the spring.”

If he decides to run, 2016 would be Huckabee’s second presidential campaign. His first attempt at the Republican nomination was in 2008, when he lost to Mitt Romney. He opted not to run in 2012, in part because he felt President Barack Obama could not be beat.

Huckabee’s decision comes only a few weeks after Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced that he would also be exploring a presidential run. A source close to Huckabee told CNN that Bush’s announcement would not have any effect on Huckabee’s decision, as the plan to leave Fox News had been in the works for a while.

The former governor’s 2008 run notably lacked significant funding needed to sustain a long-term campaign, something the source said would not be an issue if he chooses to run again. “If he decides to run this time, I think that's something we will be able to remedy,” the source said. “It's one of the things that he learned eight years ago: Make sure you have the financial resources to compete."

The end of Huckabee’s show also comes as the former Baptist pastor readies the release of a new book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” on Jan. 20. The release will be followed by a 30-stop promotional tour.

“I say goodbye, but as we say in television, stay tuned,” Huckabee said in the final moments of his show. “There's more to come.”

Sources: CNN, New York Times / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons by Gage Skidmore


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