Mike Huckabee Called Out For His Unbiblical Shaving (Video)

Mike Huckabee, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, often invokes the Bible to back up his positions, such as his opposition to gay marriage. But Huckabee was recently called out about his shaving habits and the Bible's teachings during a public forum at McOtto’s restaurant in Anamosa, Iowa, notes RawStory.com (video below).

Rod Webber, who posted the video, asked Huckabee if he was a Christian, and Huckabee confirmed that he is.

Webber cited verses that command believers to help the poor, destroy those who destroy the earth and not to kill, which Webber said went against Republican views.

Huckabee told Webber that people and the church should help the poor instead of relying on the government to do so.

Webber told Huckabee that he doesn't shave because of the Bible verses forbidding it, which Huckabee has violated by shaving.

“There’s more passages about shaving being a sin than there is about homosexuality,” Webber added.

Huckabee quickly moved on to other topics.

Webber wrote on his YouTube page: "It was delightful sparring with you, Mr. Huckabee."

"My favorite part was when you asked, 'do you think there's such a thing as a life that doesn't have value,' then you follow up to say, 'I'm going to call 911 to tell them where to find the body of the idiot that broke into my house at 2 in the morning. Now that's not murder — that's self defense.'"

"It is cognitive dissonance at it's best — but grateful you offered your time and your opinions freely."

Sources: RawStory.com, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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