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Mick Jagger Reveals Admiration, Meetings with Margaret Thatcher

In a recent interview, aging rocker Mick Jagger said he had two private meetings with the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who impressed him.

Jagger added that he was surprised by many Brits who celebrated Thatcher's death this year.

However, he didn't mention Thatcher's anti-union policies and attempts to dismantle the UK's health care system.

"I was slightly surprised by all the people that were still so anti-her and had all this residual resentment," Jagger toldQ Magazine.

"In the 80s or early 90s I met her a couple of times. I don’t want to talk about what we talked about, especially now that everybody else is blabbing about her.  But I reminded her that her first attempt at entering parliament was in Dartford, where I grew up," recalled the 69-year-old singer.

"I remembered her when I was ten or something and she was campaigning. She was called Margaret Roberts then. She struck me as a peculiar politician. She was quite brittle. Most other politicians like to be liked."

"Most of them, even if you don’t like them before you meet them, are still likeable when you meet them, because that’s their gig, to be liked, and by people like me. And I know she had lessons to make her voice less strident, which is fine, but I don’t really think she changed for anyone," said Jagger.

Jagger also revealed that he keeps in shape by training up to six days a week to maintain his 28-inch waist. His training includes ballet, yoga and pilates, notes the Daily Mail.

His workouts also include: jogging eight miles daily, swimming, kickboxing and cycling, all managed by Torje Eike, a Norwegian personal trainer who has worked with Olympic athletes.

"I train five or six days a week, but I don’t go crazy," said the Rolling Stones' front man. "I alternate between gym work and dancing, then I do sprints, things like that. I’m training for stamina.’

The Rolling Stones are currently in the middle of their 50th anniversary tour, in which tickets have reached prices of $600 each, notes The Guardian.

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