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Michelle Obama Tweets Mysterious Phone Number (Photo)

Former first lady Michelle Obama tweeted a mysterious phone number before quickly deleting her post.

Unfortunately for her, many had already seen the tweet before she could do so, Refinery29 reports.

"3149146093," read the post, sending the internet into a frenzy as people tried to work out whose number it was.

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Some excitedly wondered if it was Michelle's own number, while other offered their own theories.

"Michelle Obama just tweeted someone's phone number, which is also what the Kardashians do when they're mad at another Kardashian," wrote one person on Twitter, referring to the reality TV Kardashian family.

"[Former President Barack Obama] were you the one that just tweeted that phone number on [Michelle Obama's] account?" added another.

Further investigation revealed the far less interesting truth.

It turns out the digits belong to Duncan Wolfe, a photographer and director who worked as a creative digital strategist for the Obama administration.

Wolfe produced the popular video of the former president and the first lady dancing with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin, which received millions of views in 2016, NBC News reports.

News of the number's true owner amused many who joked about Wolfe's likely full voicemail.

"Michelle Obama just ruined Duncan Wolfe's day by accidentally tweeting out his phone number," tweeted one woman. "RIP to his voicemail inbox."

It's not the first time a public official posted a strange tweet.

In January, White House press secretary Sean Spicer accidentally tweeted "n9y25ah7".

A day before, he had posted a second nonsensical line, "Aqenbpuu."

Many speculated it was a password -- possibly even Spicer's, Snopes reports.

Amused social media users responded with jokes.

"*Sean Spicer wakes up, checks to-do list*," tweeted one. "Ah number 1, DM the nuclear launch codes to POTUS.... and done.....OH NO! HOW DO I DELETE?!"

While many initially joked about the odd tweet, it is again making a comeback as some speculate if the tweet was actually a bitcoin address.

Laurelai Bailey asserts one of the tweets was connected to a bitcoin transaction that occurred on the same day, which sent $1.13 worth of bitcoin to another account.

"So Sean Spicer bought something with bitcoin, as himself. He wanted the people selling to him to know exactly who he was," Bailey writes in Louise Mensch’s blog Patribotics. "It was probably some kind of verification code. What he was buying with the bitcoin is anyone’s guess at this point. The low amount of money involved makes it seem extra strange. The address that received the bitcoin to also gained 3 more payments on march 3rd, very large payments. Over $22,000 dollars worth."

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