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Michelle Obama Just Said This About President Trump. Do You Think She's Being Too Harsh? (Video)

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America was compared to a broken family by Former First Lady Michelle Obama in an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

It happened at her tour event for her new biographical book “Becoming.”

"We're a teenager. We're, you know, we're a little unsettled. Having good parents is tough." She told host Stephen Colbert. "We come from a broken family. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We're kind of living with a divorced dad," she added.

According to the Independent, Obama’s assessment was a sarcastic comment. However, there may be some truth in the former first lady’s words. For instance, 2016 exit polls show that Trump received poor ratings.

In fact, only 35% of the general public said that he had the ideal personality of a successful President-Elect. 61% said that he was not qualified to run for presidency, while 38% said he was. Other interesting facts about that exit poll:

Trump was considered “trustworthy and honest” by 33% of the public.

60% of the public had a negative opinion regarding Trump, and only 38% regarded him positively.

Everyone would agree that these results would depict a losing candidate, but in this case, Trump won by 68 percentage points. This political change was because at least 4 of the voters agreed that the following president had to be someone who could bring about important changes in Washington.

As a result, Michelle Obama explained that America was like the child who prefers staying with the “divorced dad” who is fun and different, as opposed to the mom who follows the rules even if the kid doesn’t like it. In the end, however, the cool dad still doesn’t take care of the child as well as the mother would.

Trump was the only presidential candidate who offered something different; therefore he immediately attracted large majorities of the public. Michelle Obama’s sarcasm made people think about how Trump presented an illusion to the public and how he won, not because he was a role model or someone to be admired, but because he knew what to offer so as to catch people’s attention.

Democrats may be against Trump, but as long as the economy grows stronger, people will prefer to ensure a safe place for their needs even if they don’t agree with Trump’s ideas.

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: Google

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