Michelle Obama Offers Advice To Melania And Ivanka Trump


First Lady Michelle Obama has offered to do her part in making President-elect Donald Trump and his family's move to the White House an easy one.

In a Jan. 11 appearance on “The Tonight  Show” with Jimmy Fallon,  she offered Melania and Ivanka Trump advice whenever they want it, reports the Washington Examiner.

“Particularly so I’m available for Melania, for Ivanka, for anyone to give that advice to so they get through this thing whole and healthy,” she said, adding that she will be “supportive to the Trump administration as much as we can be.”

Obama told Fallon that she gave her advice to Melania about “safe spaces to protect that family space” when the two met at the White House after the election.

She made similar comments in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, following her first meeting with Melania in December, as reported by Politico. “My offer to Melania was, ‘You really don’t know what you don’t know until you’re here, so the door’s open,’ as I’ve told her and as Laura Bush told me,” she said at the time. “My door is open. That was really the nature of the meeting,” she summarized.

In her remarks to Winfrey, Obama mentioned the transition of power from the Bushes to the Obamas eight years earlier.  “I’m modeling what was done for me by the Bushes. And Laura Bush was nothing but gracious and helpful, and her team was right there for my team all throughout this entire eight-year process.”

While Obama has become well-known for her promotion of healthy eating and good nutrition, Melania has indicated that one of her projects as first lady will be to combat the problem of cyberbullying.  

It was previously confirmed that she will continue to live in New York with her son, Barron, until mid-2017, so he can finish the school year.

Meanwhile, her oldest daughter, Ivanka, is moving to Washington, D.C., with her husband, Jared Kushner, who will be serving as senior advisor in Donald Trump’s administration.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Politico / Photo credit: White House

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