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Michelle Obama: 'We Are All On One Team'

First Lady Michelle Obama has spoken publicly for the first time following President-elect Donald Trump's victory over former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8.

During the presidential campaign, Obama was one of the most prominent voices speaking out against Trump. She gave speeches all over the country on behalf of Clinton, warning the American people about the dangers of electing someone as "erratic" as Trump.

Speaking at a campaign event in September, Obama commented on the president-elect, according to CNN:

So if a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate traffics in prejudice, fear and lies on the campaign trail, if a candidate thinks that not paying taxes makes you smart or that it's good business when people lose their homes, if a candidate regularly and flippantly makes cruel and insulting comments about women -- about how we look, how we act -- well, sadly, that's who that candidate really is.

Now, her message is one of unity and hope.

"We are all on one team," she said Nov. 14, according to The Washington Post. "Not Democrats first or Republicans first, but we are Americans first. We're patriots first."

Much of what she had to say was aimed at American children, who she hopes will not be divided by the hostile political environment this election has generated.

"We believe that each of these young people is a vital part of the great American story. I can’t say that enough," she said. "And it is important to our continued greatness to see these kids as ours -- not as 'them,' not as 'other,' but as ours."

"Don’t ever lose hope," she added, addressing the kids who attended the White House event. "Don’t ever feel fear. You belong here, you got that? Keep working hard, because it’s going to be so important now to be educated and focused."

Ultimately, Obama is optimistic about the American people and the future of our country.

"Just when you wonder whether we're crazy -- we're not," she said. "We're good people, all over the place."

Sources: CNN, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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