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Former First Lady Joins Female Power Squad For Brunch

On March 21, actress Sarah Jessica Parker planned a meet-up with her female-power-squad -- Michelle Obama, Gayle King and Robin Roberts -- at The Breslin, a "hip gastropub" in New York City.

Secret Service was very strict to keep listeners and paparazzi away, and the curtain the four ladies sat behind further assured that all matters being discussed -- husbands, children, and of course, saving the world -- would be kept as private as humanly possible, considering the arena.

According to Larisa Sterling, the head maitre d’ of The Breslin and who spoke with Vanity Fair in detail about the experience, all four women ordered fish and chips off the brunch menu, and each got a dessert -- all prepared by the head chef, April Bloomfield.

New York magazine also reports that they spent much of their time there sipping Champagne and Bloody Marys. 

Parker is known for her close relationship with former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, since they first started at the White House. Parker even co-hosted a fundraiser in 2012 on behalf of the president at the time, where attendees were required to pay a $40,000 admission fee, all of which went to fund Barack's reelection campaign, Daily Mail reports.

The "Sex and the City" star recently attended the former president's farewell party in early January.  

This is not the first brunch in which our former first lady's intentions are called to question.

Earlier in March, the Obama duo brunched in New Yor City with good friend and activist Bono in Manhattan's Upland restaurant, founded by Stephen Starr, People reported.

The three dined downstairs in a private room, with no intruders in sight or an earshot away.

Bono had just returned from a meeting in Germany with Vice President Mike Pence weeks prior to the U2 front-man's outing with the former president and first lady.

Pence and Bono had reportedly discussed President Donald Trump's "President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief" (PEPFAR), an initiative signed by former President George W. Bush in 2003, and resigned by Barack Obama during his first term in 2008.

Pence has been known to unequivocally support the initiative since his time as an Indiana Congressman.  Meanwhile, Bono has formed different organizations and events that help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

At the female power powwow March 17, Sterling said the women dressed "chic."

The former first lady was clad in army green wide-legged pants, with Parker playing it cool in “neutrals” countered by her “metallic pumps.” Roberts wrapped herself in royal blue while King caught eyes with her “hot-pink peacoat with a red scarf.”

The well-dressed power team reportedly sat behind their curtain for over four hours between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. with no interruptions.

Sources: Vanity Fair, New York, People (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Andy Cohen/Instagram

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