Michele Bachmann: ‘This Is About The Happiest’ Republicans Have Been In A While


Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn., said “this is about the happiest” she’s ever seen her Republican colleagues in Congress and there’s no reason to believe the GOP will give in to end the shutdown.

Bachman told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday that there has been a “strong unity” among conservatives in nearly every budget vote so far.

"This is about the happiest I've seen members in a long time, because we see we are starting to win this dialogue on a national level," she said.

Last weekend, The Washington Post reported that Bachmann was “excited” about the shutdown.

“We’re very excited. It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it,” she said.

On her Monday show MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said the GOP is “giddy” about the shutdown. She claims the shutdown was the goal of the GOP since 2010. She showed a series of clips from conservative campaigns in 2010, all promising to shut down the government.

Bachmann told Hannity the GOP is attempting to pass piecemeal funding for certain services, but the Democrats are blocking them.

"There is a very large group of us who believe that this is it, this isn't just another year, this isn't just another CR fight," she told the Washington Examiner. "This is historic, and it's a historic shift that's about to happen, and if we're going to fight, we need to fight now."

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Mediaite


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