Michael Moore Will And Won't Stay In Trump's US (Video)

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Filmmaker Michael Moore baffled many when he announced his unusual way of fighting President Donald Trump on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (video below).

"I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is president, and I'm not leaving," said Moore.

While some scratched their heads when he said it, Moore explained the contradictory statement had a deeper meaning.

"What are the terms of Michael Moore’s surrender?" asked Stephen Colbert while interviewing Moore about his new Broadway show, "The Terms Of My Surrender."

"You have to come see the show," responded Moore. "I will tell you this. I will say this. I will say this. I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is president, and I'm not leaving. So something's got to change."

Moore continued, saying he was going to instead stay and help recruit an "army of citizens" to nonviolently fight Trump -- such as building an "army of satire." 

"The possibility exists that Donald Trump will be your, our president in the year 2025 at that age that you're at," he said.

"I suggested a few months ago that we have an army of satire, because I think the way to bring him down is with satire," Moore added, reports the Daily Mail. "His thin skin, as you’ve pointed out so well, is so thin, all we need is like a thousand or a million little comedy shivs -- just, you know, nonviolent, don't hurt him -- but under his skin, because he can't take being laughed at."

Moore particularly praised comedian Melissa McCarthy for her portrayal of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer on comedy sketch show "Saturday Night Live," noting she was a perfect example of taking down the Trump administration through comedy.

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Many agreed with Moore's suggestion.

"Moore is right," wrote one person in HuffPost's comments section. "I cannot Wait to see what SNL is going to do with [White House Communications Director Anthony] Scaramucci. It should be even more 'devastating' than the Trump And Spicer skits. There's a Lot to work with there."

"Spot on Mr. Moore, I've thought this for a while now," added a second.

Others were unimpressed.

Many weren't convinced Moore chose to stay in the country for the reasons he gave. Instead, some accused Moore of cowardice.

"Be a man," wrote one CNS reader. "Put your fork down and start packing."

"The reality is that Moore will make a lot of $$ because of Trump's presidency," added another. "He won't move because no other society wants to hear his BS, but he is allowed to say anything here and make a nice living from it."

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