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Michael Moore Predicts Timing Of Trump's Impeachment

American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that President Donald Trump would face impeachment, but also win a second term.

"I would say sometime in the middle of his second term," Moore said when asked by a Tribeca Film Festival audience member when Trump will be impeached, reports Flavorwire.

Moore previously predicted Trump's win during the election itself.

"I was like, 'I didn’t say it because I wanted it to happen," Moore says, recalling people booing him at the time, reports The Guardian. "I’m just trying to ring a warning bell here."

Moore later continued, citing various reasons for Trump's rise to power, from Brooklyn liberals living in bubbles to the "dumbing down" of America.

"I think we’ve gone through 40 years of a country being dumbed down," Moore said. "We defunded our schools allowing them to just go into an awful state. The arts have been canceled and civics class is gone from a third of our schools now."

"It’s the American equation," added Moore. "Dumb down the population and make them ignorant and stupid. Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate. Trump knew that part of the equation really well. And hate leads to violence."

Moore later warned the audience to be on guard, predicting Trump will likely use future terrorist attacks to further exploit American's fears.

"I really encourage people not to get on board the fear train, the terrorist train, the war train, whatever Trump will do," advised Moore. "There will, more than likely, be some kind of terrorist act in this country, and I fear that he will use that to an awful extent."

Moore also offered advice to young people, imploring them to "raise a little hell" and "lead."

We need more hellraisers. ... Young people that aren’t afraid. Aren’t afraid about, oh am I gonna get into the right college, am I gonna get the right job, because I’d better get the right job, because it’s gonna take 30 years to pay off this student loan… Just think about what you can do, in your school, your neighborhood, whatever, to raise a little hell, to stand up for the things that you believe. Don’t be afraid to lead.

While Moore paints a dark picture of the present and future political climate, he says he still sees hope.

"A lot of our fellow Americans have come out of the woodwork," said Moore. "It’s not just the politicians who are politically active. [Right now] so many people are aware and participating."

Sources: FlavorwireThe Guardian / Photo credit: David Shankbone/Flickr

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