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Michael Moore Calls Donald Rumsfeld a 'War Criminal' for Iraq War (Video)

Filmmaker Michael Moore complained on CNN’s 'Piers Morgan Tonight' that no major Bush administration members ever faced serious consequences for the invasion of Iraq (video below).

On the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war, Morgan asked Moore about former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who caused a stir today by glorifying the invasion of Iraq on Twitter.

Moore replied that Rumsfeld was a “war criminal as far as I’m concerned,” reports

“I don’t understand why he, Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz are still walking the streets,” Moore said. “The whole way they are trying to revise history now is by saying, ‘Well, it was a mistake,’ or, ‘We were given bad information.’”

“The fact that no one has paid for this criminal act, why would an American, such as George W. Bush, send thousands of Americans off to their deaths? For what reason? And why doesn’t he have to answer for that?”

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