Mexican Mayor Faked Death to Escape Gang Rape Charges


A man in Mexico who was nominated as the mayor of a southern Mexican town was revealed to have faked his own death to escape rape charges.

Lenin Carballido made a death certificate that showed he died of a diabetic coma in 2010. That certificate was able to convince police to drop the arrest warrant on him for participating in a gang rape in 2004.

Three years later, Carballido was able to run in the mayoral election for San Agustin Amatengo in Oaxaca state. He won the election on Sunday. 

It didn't take long after his victory for authorities to figure out something was up with him. Soon, they found his faux death certificate, which had been drawn up and signed by a public registry official, but contained false information.

Rey Morales, state leader of the Democratic Revolution Party, said, "He fooled the prosecutors' office, he fooled the office of records, he fooled electoral officials. If all of this is true, he cannot take office as mayor."

"The form is real, what is false is the information," Haydee Reyes Soto, director of the Oaxaca public records office said. "The decision has already been made to fire."

A woman accused Carballido and four other men of raping her in Oaxaca city in 2004. 

They were never able to serve the arrest warrant, as his family showed officers the death certificate.

Mayra Ricardez, spokeswoman for the Oaxaca state prosecutors' office, said, "The prosecutors' office is taking all the legal steps necessary to revive the case and serve the arrest warrant that is still pending."

The prosecutors' office plans to do everything possible to put him in jail, saying he might also face charges on electrion-law violations.

"The state attorney general's office will investigate and bring charges, even if the suspect is recognized by electoral authorities as a municipal authority," the office said. 

Sources: FOX,CBS


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