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Merry Christmas: TSA Will Unwrap Gifts at Airport

Proving why it is among the most despised of all government agencies, the Transportation Security Administration says it will unwrap any Christmas gift you dare try to pass through airport security during the holiday season.

The New York Daily News reports that while the announcement will not endear anyone to the TSA, "the policy is a security no-brainer - wrapped presents would be a gift to terrorists hoping to slip threats onto airplanes."

The TSA issued the warning on its website:

Remember! – do not wrap gifts you're taking on the plane. Security officers may have to unwrap gifts if they need to take a closer look. Please ship wrapped gifts ahead of time or wait until your destination to wrap them.

The TSA is also reminding passengers to leave the cooking for their final destination as well -- the site says people cannot bring more than 3.4 ounces of such things as cranberry sauce, gravy and soup onto planes.


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