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Members Of Congress Partying, Drinking During Shutdown (Video)

Most Americans may picture the U.S. government shutdown as a massive stand-still in Washington D.C.

According to D.C. bartenders, some members of Congress are keeping themselves busy by partying and drinking (video below).

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) posed for a picture with actress Salma Hayek at a gala put on by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in a bar on the second night of the shutdown.

“I don’t think the public would be happy to know that they are actually enjoying this time.” a bartender identified only as "Storm" told WUSA9.

Storm said the partying started on the first night of the shutdown: "There was a private party upstairs with a few Congress people and senators here that night."

The Huffington Post reported drinking on Capitol Hill on Sept. 30, the night of the shutdown:

With just hours to go until a government shutdown, Congressmen couldn't seem to agree on much except the fact that drinks were in order. Reporters tweeted Monday night that they could smell booze on the lawmakers working to strike a last-minute spending deal on Capitol Hill.

Another bartender at a different pub told WUSA9 that members of Congress had been dropping by his bar all week, including on the day of the shutdown.

“There were congressmen, there were lobbyists and staffers… we stayed pretty busy. They were definitely eating and passing the time before the vote,” stated the anonymous bartender.

Sources: The Huffington Post and WUSA9


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