Melissa Harris-Perry Cries While Apologizing Over Romney Controversy (Video)


MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and a panel of comedians joked about Mitt Romney's black adopted grandchild and the lack of diversity in the GOP, a week ago on her show.

Harris-Perry apologized last Monday afterwards on Twitter, and apologized on her show yesterday, notes (video below).

During her on-air apology, Harris-Perry appeared to be on the verge of tears.

"So without reservation or qualification, I apologize to the Romney family," said Harris-Perry. "Adults who enter into public life implicitly consent to having less privacy. But their families, and especially their children, should not be treated callously or thoughtlessly. My intention was not malicious, but I broke the ground rule that families are off-limits, and for that I am sorry."

"Also, allow me to apologize to other families formed through transracial adoption, because I am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule," added Harris-Perry.

Romney accepted the apology today, reports

"We love this little guy a great deal. He was an answer to prayers. We love that he's part of our family," said Romney. "I recognize people make mistakes. The folks at MSNBC made a big mistake. They apologized for it. That's all we can ask for. I'm going to move on from that. I'm sure they want to move on from that."

According to, former MSNBC host Alec baldwin, who was fired for his anti-gay slurs, stated on Twitter, "If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?"

Baldwin removed the tweet, but not before it was retweeted.

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