Melania Trump's Addiction Tweet Sparks Outrage

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First lady Melania Trump's tweet about addiction on Sept. 1 sparked controversy among some.

"Sept. is Nat'l Alcohol&Drug Addiction Recovery Month," Melania's tweet read. "Together we can strengthen families&communities & beat addiction. Call: 800-662-HELP"

Many quickly responded to the tweet, outraged at the seeming hypocrisy after some of the moves President Donald Trump has made.

"You are right we can," one Twitter user wrote. "But the health plan your husband favors cuts out money used for the treatment of those addicted."

"We can't beat addiction if the programs are taken away," agreed another. "Families alone cannot do it."

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A few criticized Melania's message in light of what they say are her own past "empty" promises.

"I'm assuming there will be your usual follow through on such an important issue as your cyber bullying campaign," another user sarcastically added.

"And that's about all she does is talk," quipped a second, before referring to former first lady Michelle Obama. "Michelle was actively involved."

Others responded by joking her husband's presidency is driving people to drugs and alcohol.

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"We need all the therapy drugs we can get to try to make it thru this administration," wrote one person on AOL's comments section.

"The reason why Melania is speaking on alcoholism and substance abuse is because Trump is in office....90% of Trump's staff that's left in the Whitehouse have been hitting the bottle lately including Mr. Pence," joked another. "They can't take Trump anymore."

Others rushed to the first lady's defense.

"Melenia spreads a message of help & hope, & this is all you a**hats can linger on," commented one. "Get over it sore losers."

"It is no wonder we have so many problems in this Country," wrote a second. "Either we are bullying, calling names, tearing up property, physically attacking or belittling one another.  It is shameful how grown adults act these days.  If you are not helping to improve this great Country, then sit down, shut up and get out of the way."

Melania's controversial tweets come shortly after she wore what some said was inappropriate footwear on her way to board a plane heading for hurricane-ravaged Texas.

Photos show the first lady wearing stilettos instead of flats, attracting criticism nationwide for being "out of touch" with the people.

"God grant me the serenity not to comment on the shoes," Politico writer Ben White tweeted.

A few defended the first lady, such as "The Daily Show's" Trevor Noah, who surprised many when he said, "Who cares?"

"Here’s the thing, I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people," Noah said, The Washington Post reports.

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