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Melania Trump Has Stopped Wearing Fur (Photos)

First Lady Melania Trump no longer wears fur, a significant change in her style after being regularly photographed in animal skin for decades.

"She does not wear fur," Mrs. Trump's East Wing communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in an email to CNN on May 3.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals commented on the news and thanked Mrs. Trump for supporting the organization's cause.

"Melania first attended a PETA fashion show years ago that featured one of her favorite designers, Marc Bouwer, a longtime PETA supporter who uses no fur, leather or exotic skins in his collections," Dan Mathews, PETA senior vice president, said in a statement. "More recently, Pamela Anderson sent elegant Melania a stylish faux fur, as well as a video showing how animals are cruelly killed in the wild and on fur farms, so it's no surprise that she is now fur-free, following in the footsteps of so many fashion icons and first ladies."

Anderson, an actress, Playboy Playmate and honorary director of PETA, sent the faux lamb fur coat, cinched with a vegan belt, to Mrs. Trump in February following the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration. On that day, the first lady wore a blue outfit from Ralph Lauren, a design company that has not used fur since 2007.

"I am so happy that you chose not to wear fur!" read an accompanying note from Anderson. "As first lady, you will help set style trends, and by remaining compassionate with your choices, you will warm the hearts of many."

Mrs. Trump responded to the present with a note of thanks, which Grisham said "is common practice for her."

"I very much appreciate your sending the beautiful eco-faux fur from Only Me," Mrs. Trump wrote to the 49-year-old "Baywatch" star in a letter that Anderson shared on Twitter. "I am grateful for your support and encouraging words; they mean a great deal. Together, we can empower more women to stand up for their beliefs."

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Though Mrs. Trump has worn fur on many occasions earlier in her life, her senior advisor said in February that since becoming first lady, she has sought to be mindful in buying and wearing fashion, notes The New York Times.

"Mrs. Trump is a proud and longtime supporter of American fashion," said the advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. "She appreciates fashion as art. As a former model, she has always been a patron of the world’s most distinguished designers both here and abroad. Mrs. Trump buys from an international mix of brands because that is what reflects her uniquely American life experience and style."

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