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Melania Trump Refuses Picture With Husband

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A clip that is going viral captured an incident that took place at the airport of the Palm Beach area, in Florida, where the first lady was seen heading to the car without her husband, President Donald Trump.

The video shows the moment when Melania Trump left her husband alone to answer questions from a number of journalists and photographers.

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According to the protocol, the couple was to get out of the plane and then stand there for a while so the reporters could capture a few pictures of the two together.

Some say it's clear from the video that Melania Trump is quite upset about something to do with her husband. She seems to be keeping her distance from Donald Trump and she neither held his hand nor did she stop to pose for pictures, as detailed in the protocol given to members of the media.

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Rather, she went straight to the car. The president then waved at the photographers solo and later joined his wife in the car.

This is not the first time first lady Melania Trump has been seen being cold toward her husband. At Joint Base Andrews, where the couple met military families for an airshow demonstration, Melania Trump introduced her husband and invited him to the stage for him to deliver his speech. But what happened after that was an awkward moment for everyone.

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In a clip that went viral soon after the event, after having been introduced to the audience by his wife to deliver a speech, the president put his hand forward and shook his wife's hand. Social media users criticized the duo for having acted in a way that's usual for a husband and wife.

"Aah true love on display here," wrote one sarcastic Twitter user. "Nothing like a strong hand shake with your wife."

Internet users pointed out that most married couples don't shake hands with one another, even in the most formal of situations. Many also compared this scenario with that of former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, saying they would  never have shaken hands with their spouse, but would have embraced or kissed.

This video was shared by journalist Caitriona Perry and went viral shortly with the title of "awkward".

Another awkward moment between the president and the first lady was when they visited Israel. This moment made the news once again when Melania Trump appears to slap away her husband’s hand, which had reached for hers on the tarmac at Tel Aviv airport.

In a clip from the inauguration, Melania Trump is seen smiling at her husband during the entirety of the event, but as soon as he looks away, it seems as if her smile has disappeared into a somber scowl.

Even from the beginning of the presidency, the video of the couple went viral and is seems to show a state of awkwardness between the two, just by looking at their body language.

The latest clip from the airport shows once again the couple seem awkward when they're in front of the cameras.

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