Melania Trump Announces First Solo Trip

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First lady Melania Trump will embark on her first solo trip out of the country since President Donald Trump took office.

According to a White House press release, the first lady will lead the U.S. delegation to the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto from September 23-30.

"I am honored by the opportunity to represent our country at this year’s games," said Melania, AOL News reports.

While in Toronto, 90 American athletes will be competing alongside roughly 500 wounded servicemembers from around the world.

Participants will play 12 adaptive sports, including archery, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and golf.

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Founded by Prince Harry of Wales in 2014, the first game was held in London in 2015.

"I was heartened by the great success of the inaugural Invictus Games that took place in London in 2015, and the second games in Orlando, Florida last year," Melania said in a press release. "In just two short years, the Invictus Games have allowed thousands of injured and wounded servicemen and women from many different countries to participate in adaptive sports competitions -- something that should be lauded and supported worldwide."

Many applauded Melania for participating.

"It's nice to see Melania starting to get comfortable in her role as First Lady," wrote one AOL News reader.

Not everyone was impressed. A few thought Melania's presence was inappropriate given her husband's history with the military and the disabled.

"Absolutely DISGUSTING to have the wife of 'draft-dodger' masquerading as a president of a country lead HONORABLE men and women into an international event," wrote one reader. "The athletes should be supported; but Melania should be whole-heartedbly BOOED out of the stadium!"

Although the president has denied doing so, some also noted how he once allegedly mocked a disabled reporter.

"I can't think of anything more inappropriate," wrote one CBC News reader. "Why not a veteran, or a disabled person, or a Canadian, or hey....someone who is all three? Her husband mocks the challenged, and the armed forces."

Others defended Melania.

"I'm not a Trump fan, but she is the First Lady and seems to be a decent person," shot back one. "So give her a break and let her do her thing."

"Even if you do not like her she still deserves respect," added another.

"Real men do not attack women," quipped a third. "I understand you do not like Mr Trump but leave the lady alone. She is not in a position of power and is most likely told what to do and say."

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