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Melania Trump's Post-Inauguration Plan Crumbles

Looks like Melania Trump might have rushed off from the inauguration festivities back home early for no good reason.

The First Lady rushed home from her husband's inauguration weekend on Sunday to make sure their 10-year-old son, Barron Trump, would be able to attend school on Monday, TMZ reports.

It turned out, however, the school was closed -- and what's more, that it would not be back in session until Wednesday, January 25.

She was not the only parent unaware of this, however. Other parents at the school said they, too, dressed and rushed their children off Monday morning only to encounter closed doors.

The incident drew mixed responses on social media.

Some didn't believe the First Lady's story, with some accusing her of bad parenting while others thought she just wanted to run away from her husband.

"I'm not buying it, if you're paying 50k a year for this kid to attend a school, and that's your only job to see him off and pick him up, you need to keep up with the schedule," wrote one person on TMZ's Facebook page.

"She knew, she probably wanted to get as far away from her husband as possible," chimed in another woman. "She knows he's a d*****e ball, but can't say anything and has to support him if she wants to maintain her status."

However, others believed her story and showed compassion.

 "Don't know about you perfect parents out there but I have been guilty of rushing to get ready and racing to the school only to find out that we were out that day," wrote one woman. "I could only imagine having the hectic weekend she had and putting all her focus on that and I would probably do the same thing. At least she was trying to make sure her son was at school."

Others not only defended Melania, but got angry at those pointing their fingers at her, adding that both Barron and Melania are innocent and should be off limits.

"So much for the woman's March when so many women are voicing hate to a woman and child they've never met," added another person. "Hypocrites. I'm going to teach my children not to do that or be like that. And no I'm not a Trump fan, but all this hate ... It's exhausting. Shows how much evil there is in North America."

Sources: TMZ and Facebook/TMZ / Photo Credit: U.S. Army/Army Sgt. Ashley Marble via Wikimedia Commons

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