Trump Forgets Hand Over Heart During National Anthem (Video)


First lady Melania Trump may have had to give her husband, President Donald Trump, a subtle nudge to remind him to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll (video below). 

The president was joined by the first lady and first son, Barron Trump, for the 139th annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House on April 17. As the family stood together in front of the crowd and television cameras to kick off the festivities, both Barron and Melania can be seen glancing at the president before the first lady gives a quick, subtle nudge to her husband's elbow, apparently reminding him that he was supposed to be doing something.

That "something" was placing his hand over his heart for the national anthem, and Melania's nudge, while subtle, wasn't quite subtle enough. People noticed immediately.

"Wow," said one Twitter user. "It's incredibly amazing that the 'immigrant First Lady' has to nudge POTUS when our National Anthem starts. Could he be anymore pathetic."

Another Twitter user replied to Fox's News coverage of the annual event, asking, "Where's the clip of when FLOTUS had to nudge POTUS to put his hand on his heart for the anthem? If this was Obama it'd be FOXTV headline"

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Former President Barack Obama did, in fact, seemingly forget to put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem in 2007. Fox News did cover that story, with the headline from October 2007, "Barack Obama Captured on Tape Not Putting His Hand Over His Heart During The National Anthem."

The annual Easter Egg Roll is the largest public annual event at the White House. In Obama's final year as president, the White House had 35,000 Easter-egg roll attendees and featured Jay-Z and Beyonce as musical guests. 

The annual event began in 1878 under President Rutherford B. Hayes when he opened the gates to the south lawn of the White House for the local children. In 1889 President Benjamin Harrison added live music to the tradition. In 1929, under President Warren G. Harding, the White House Easter Egg Roll was broadcast live for the first time, by the Washington D.C. radio station WRC. 

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First lady Pat Nixon started the tradition of the White House Easter Bunny by putting a staffer in a white jumpsuit and a Peter Rabbit mask in 1969, a role current press secretary Sean Spicer would fill under President George W. Bush.

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