Melania Trump Takes Picture With Soldiers (Photos)


First Lady Melania Trump took a break from shaking hands with world leaders to smile for a photo with four U.S. Army members and thank them for their service, just in time for Memorial Day.

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Mrs. Trump was with her husband in Italy on May 26 as he attended the G7 Summit to converse with six other leaders of industrialized countries, notes the Independent Journal Review.

Mrs. Trump and the other first spouses in town for the summit partook in some activities together, including touring the palace in Catania, Italy, which was almost 60 miles away from where she was staying with her husband in Taormina, Sicily. Rather than driving, Mrs. Trump hopped into a helicopter with four soldiers.

Once they got her to her destination, she took a picture with them in front of the helicopter. The soldiers were dressed in their Army fatigues, while Mrs. Trump wore a form-fitting white sleeveless dress.

Mrs. Trump posted the image on her Instagram page:

"Thank you to the [U.S. Army] 1-214th Aviation Regiment for getting me & my staff to our [meetings] safely today!" she captioned the photo, adding the hashtag #Italy.

The photo has received over 49,000 likes in just 10 hours, with a number of commenters voicing their support.

"Memory of a lifetime," one Instagram user commented. "I am sure they were so honored. God bless you and them and keep you all safe!"

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Another user said they were "so proud" that Mrs. Trump is first lady, while another said that she has been "representing the United States of America so beautifully!"

There were a few negative comments. One person cautioned: "Don't start WW3!" Another said that Mrs. Trump's people "need a better camera." Overall, though, she received mostly positive feedback.

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As the Trumps' first international visit as president and first lady come to a close, the world has been watching Mrs. Trump to gain more insight into what kind of role she will play during her husband's term.

"Ultimately, what this trip has shown is so much more of her on a daily basis," said Anita McBride, former chief of staff to First Lady Laura Bush, according to CNN. "And that she fully intends to be a very active first lady."

Mrs. Trump, who grew up in Slovenia and spent time elsewhere in Europe as a young adult, has spent most of her time living in New York with her son, Barron, so that he could complete the school year. As such, she has not been present in Washington as much as her predecessors. This trip changed the tone, said McBride.

"I watched her come off Air Force One with great interest, each time," said McBride. "They emerged from that plane as partners, she as the spouse of the president, fully prepared for her role."

Sources: Independent Journal Review, First Lady Melania Trump/Instagram (2), CNN / Photo credit: First Lady Melania Trump/Instagram, Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr

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