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Melania Faces Backlash Over Her Outfit At The College Football Championship Game


On Monday night, Donald and Melania Trump graced the College Football Playoffs National Championship, where LSU Tigers were playing against the Clemson Tigers.

Before kickoff, the Trumps walked out onto the field for the national anthem. Fans cheered for the couple, with chants of “USA” ringing out. The two were among those who held on to the American flag, standing at attention as Lauren Daigle sang.

Fashionistas on social media were not interested in the game, and they quickly took sides regarding Melania’s coat. The president was in his usual suit with red tie ensemble, while Melania had a shiny calf-length jacket.

The opinions were quick, and it was soon clear that no consensus was ever going to be reached. Some expressed their love for the style, and were hoping to get a similar jacket. Others stated that Melania’s coat made for a bad outfit. It wasn’t clear whether this opinion stemmed from the fact that they disliked Melania, or that they were genuinely referring to the coat itself.


The Trumps’ presence at the game also sparked controversial debates, with some fans excited to see the first couple. Others weren’t so accommodative, and stated that the presence of Donald and Melania Trump just added more frustration to the high-profiled football game. Some even went as far as stating that the appearance of the First Couple ruined the entire evening.

There were pretty strong sentiments expressed about Melania’s coat, with insults hurled at either the design or material of the coat.

With the term “Nazi” used to refer to Trump’s presidency and policies over time, the same word was used to describe Melania, as well as her clothing choices.

Some users stated that Melania’s outfit choices were a throwback to the mid-1940s fashion, with some specifically comparing the coat with the ones worn by Hitler’s secret police.


Some commenters were on neither side of the argument, and simply chose to ask a number of random questions. One user even asked whether the coat was suited to handle Seattle’s winter weather.

Others chose to make fun of the coat, and some asked whether Melania was attempting to recreate The Matrix. While Melania’s coat featured a deeper shade of blue compared to the coats in the film, many still alluded to the similarities.

Other users wanted to know who made the jacket, with opinions focusing on Hefty, or a Paris fashion icon.

One user wrote: "Melania looks like a super villain in that jacket."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WWLTV

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