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Will Melania And Donald Trump Split?

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After being accused of having an affair in 2006 with adult entertainment actress Stormy Daniels, among others, some are wondering if first lady Melania Trump will divorce her husband, President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, reportedly arranged a $130,000 payment so Daniels would remain silent about the alleged affair, which is said to have occurred just a year after his wedding to Melania Trump, reports The Wall Street Journal, according to The Daily Beast.

While Cohen denied such allegations, fellow adult film star Alana Evans said Daniel shared details of the affair with Donald Trump with her, adding that he invited both women for a threesome, The Daily Beast reports.

"All I'm going to say is: I ended up with Donald in his hotel room," Daniels allegedly told Evans, reports The Guardian. "Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities."

As a result, many ponder whether the Trumps will divorce soon, with some media outlets like Town & Country already envisioning what the Trump prenup would look like in the case of a divorce.

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"We love talking about it," one divorce lawyer confessed to the publication. "What's in the prenup? Did it get renegotiated during the campaign, or after he won? How would a split play out? ... It's irresistible conversational fodder."

Meanwhile, many on social media are already imploring Melania Trump to leave the president.

"Melania, see a divorce attorney now before the pig is arrested and his assets are seized," tweeted one person. "Any judge in the land would give you anything you want."

Yet despite the speculation, the first lady has not released a statement about the affairs nor given any indication she intends to leave the president.

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However, it's not the first time rumors that the couple's relationship was on the rocks were spread.

In May 2017, Claude Taylor -- a veteran of three presidential campaigns who is also a former President Bill Clinton's White House staff member -- alleged the two were planning on divorcing before Donald Trump won the election.

"I was just told by [an] MSM member that Donald and Melania's divorce papers were signed prior to election and settlement agreed to," Claude Taylor tweeted. "Then he won."

"Papers signed," he clarified. "Not filed. That's all I was told."

When questioned by skeptics, Taylor remained adamant he was telling the truth.

"A reporter well known to many said this to me," he added. "If they were ready to go on the record with it they would have reported it themselves."

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