Meeting of the Minds: Rick Perry & Donald Trump in NY


Republican presidential frontrunner Rick Perry is making a pilgrimage to New York City on Wednesday to meet and have dinner with former and perhaps future possible candidate Donald Trump.

Trump spokesman Michael Cohen confirmed the meeting to CBS News, saying Perry requested the sit down.

"It's obviously about the presidency," Cohen said. "Everyone wants Mr. Trump's support." A Perry spokesman confirmed the candidate's dinner plans and said the two will talk mainly about jobs.

Trump told CNN on Wednesday that he has previously spoken to Perry on the phone but this is the first time the two will ever meet.

In the past Trump has had kind words for Perry, telling ABC News, "I think he's a very impressive guy. I think he's very ready. He's been governor of Texas for a long time. Texas has done very well. He's a tough guy. He's a smart guy."

Trump, who decided in June that he would not seek the GOP nomination despite being self-proclaimed "number one in the polls" has not ruled out a third party run.

“If the Republicans choose the wrong candidate... and if the economy continues to be bad... I will certainly consider (running for president) as an independent,” Trump told CNN.

As far as dinner, it will be a bit more fancy than Trump and Sarah Palin's infamous pizza dinner in May at which they used forks and knives (a pizza no-no). Trump and Perry will be dining at Jean Georges. According to the restaurant's website, a three-course prix fixe dinner starts at $98.


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