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Meeting of the Minds: Christine O'Donnell Joins Sarah Palin in Iowa

Not exactly a Mensa meeting, but former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell will join Sarah Palin at a Tea Party rally in Iowa this weekend.

The event is causing a stir in the political world because of speculation that Palin will announce whether she will run for president.

The State Column reports that O'Donnell reached out to organizers to see if she could attend. O'Donnell is in the midst of a national book tour.

It was an endorsement from Palin that catapulted O'Donnell to a surprise win of the Republican nomination for Delaware Senate in 2010. She was trounced in the general election.

Palin has not revealed what she will talk about at the rally. But supporters say she is set to make a "major" announcement, and the Tea Party of America is running radio ads promoting her Iowa speech.


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