Conservatives' Obsession With Clinton's Coughing (Video)


Several conservative news sites and blogs have been focusing on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's cough for months (video below).

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard posted a video April 24 and wrote: "Hillary Clinton's cough returned today at a rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Today's coughing fit occurred as Clinton was on stage, as she rallied in front of her supporters."

Jenna Lifhits of the Washington Free Beacon posted a video of Clinton coughing during an interview on New York radio station Power 105.1 April 18 and noted: "Hillary Clinton gave in to her nagging cough during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club Monday, battling her itchy throat for a full minute."

Conservative news site The Daily Caller wrote, "Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be president?" according to the Washington POst, while the right-wing Breitbart News said that Clinton's coughing somehow creates "questions about her health and stamina."

The newspaper notes that conservative blogger Matt Drudge has often mentioned Clinton's coughing with dramatic headlines such as: "HILLARY HEALTH WARNING: COUGHING FIT."

Drudge, who has no professional medical background, has been tweeting about Clinton's coughing since October of 2015, and has even suggested there is some sort of cover-up.

The newspaper notes that he tweeted and then later deleted: "no probe into Hillary's flaring hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's is top media coverup of '16. There is a goiter forming!"

The Washington Post reports that it's public knowledge that Clinton has hypothyroidism, a condition that has been reported on by NBC News, POLITICO, Mother Jones, and The Hill.

The thyroid regulates metabolism, which can be affected and cause coughing, dry throat and fatigue. Hypothyroidism is easily treated with daily medication so that people can live normal lives.

According to the Washington Post, Clinton is one year younger than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and five years younger than Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont; all three have been cleared by their doctors.

Sources: The Weekly Standard, Washington Free Beacon, Washington Post / Photo credit: Power 105.1 via the Washington Post 

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