Media Once Again Shows Bias Against Pro-Life Religious People


Here's an example of how insidious media bias is:

morning I was at the YMCA, and I watched a Today show clip of the woman
who's about to give birth to another woman's baby due to an embryo "mix
up." During the interview the reporter asks the mother how she made the
decision to have the baby after she found out another woman's baby was
planted inside her.

"Mrs. Savage, I know you're very religious and so terminating this pregnancy wasn't an option for you..." -- blah, blah, blah.

reporter at NBC had to get the religious comment in there b/c adding
this caveat suggests it's "normal" to be tolerant of religious people
who are against abortion. After all, their religious views demand it of
them. They know not what they think.

People who are opposed to
abortion personally -- not for religious reasons but because they think
-- oh, I don't know, that it's just plain wrong and should thus be
minimized at all costs -- are not considered normal. The media has no
tolerance for these folks b/c, to them, women's "rights" trump all else.

other words, implicit in the exchange yesterday is that it's okay for
religious people to have a problem with abortion. They can't think for
themselves and have to follow orders. But "regular people" (keep in
mind that over 90% of Americans consider themselves religious) who
aren't governed by religion are enlightened folks who understand that
women's rights include the right to end a pregnancy whenever they see
fit to do so.

See more on the story to which Suzanne is referring.


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