Rep. Maxine Waters: 'I Don't Respect This President'


Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California announced that she has no "respect" for President Donald Trump.

"I don’t honor him," Waters said during an April 21 interview with MSNBC. "I don’t respect this president. I don’t think that he deserves to be president of this great country. I am very concerned about him and I really think he’s dangerous. This is abnormal what we’re experiencing with this president."

Waters demanded that Trump release his tax returns and asserted her belief that their disclosure would lead to his impeachment.

"Show the people your taxes," Waters said, describing Trump as a "liar" for not releasing his returns and for blaming an IRS audit for his reluctance to do so.

"Stop stonewalling, stop hiding," Waters demanded.

"I will fight every day until he is impeached," she declared. "I believe that if we have the credible investigations that it will lead to his impeachment."

Waters addressed the crowd during the April 15 "Tax March," where protesters gathered to call for the release of Trump's tax returns.

According to CNN, Waters led a chant of "Impeach 45" in the middle of a speech in which she denounced Trump and demanded his tax returns.

Although she has called for Trump's impeachment several times, she denied doing so in an April 17 interview with MSNBC.

"Here's what I've said: I've said that we need the information. We need to connect the dots. We need the facts in order to do the impeachment," she said, according to Politifact. "And I'm going to work every day to try and help get those facts and to reveal them to the republic, to our public until, of course, impeachment is taking place."

Waters, 78, has been one Trump's most vocal critics in the Capital since the president took office Jan. 20.

Her Twitter account regularly accuses Trump of working with the Russian government to "undermine" democracy in the U.S. and to profit from his position in the White House.

"Trump will not release his taxes b/c he has something to hide. He's only out to enrich himself, his wealthy cabinet, & White House swamp," she tweeted on April 18. "It can't be lost in the chaos that Trump's campaign is still under FBI investigation for colluding w/ Russians to undermine our democracy."

She added: "Nothing in the past two weeks has changed anything about what we've learned about [former campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Carter Page] & the rest of Trump's #KremlinKlan."

Sources: Maxine Waters/Twitter (2,3), The Hill, CNN,Politifact / Photo Credit: mark6mauno/Flickr

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