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Pro-Trump Rallies Have Low Attendance

Supporters of President Donald Trump turned out for rallies on Feb. 27, but not in the "massive" numbers predicted.

Trump did not appear at the rallies, but tweeted on Feb. 25: "Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!"

Daniel Dale, a reporter for the Toronto Star, tweeted pictures of the low turnouts with these captions on Feb. 27, notes AlterNet: "Breitbart said today's pro-Trump rallies would be 'MASSIVE.' The photos I've seen so far. More photos from today's MASSIVE pro-Trump rallies. My last tweet Showing The Crowd from today's MASSIVE Trump rallies."

Some other folks on Twitter also noticed the small crowds. Two people mockingly tweeted an Atlanta gathering: "Huge Trump rally in downtown Atlanta today," and "the pro trump rally in Atlanta had literally tens of people."

One of the attendees, Vivian Phillips, drove more than seven hours from West Virginia, to be part of the Atlanta protest, which brought out about 200 folks.

"I just think we need to support our president," she told Reuters.

Phillips' sign identified her as an "adorable deplorable from West Virginia."

A Twitter user posted another low turnout from St. Augustine, Florida, reports AlterNet: "The local Tea Party called for a massive pro Trump rally in St Augustine, FL this AM. The is how many showed up."

A Twitter user posted a picture of a very small group of people in Bellingham, Washington, and turned on the sarcasm: "The big Trump rally happening now in Bellingham, WA. The energy is electric. People are coming out en masse to make America laugh again."

In Denver, about 150 people turned out at the state capitol.

"I’m here to let the president know he’s not alone although it seems like that at times," Karen Eitzel, a 56-year-old Republican, told Reuters.

Some 60 pro-Trump protesters gathered outside a shopping mall in Brea, California. They reportedly held signs that said, "Trump all the way," and "Trump loves you."

The pro-Trump crowd shouted: "God bless America, God bless Donald Trump," and "Build the wall."

Sources: AlterNet, Reuters / Photo Credit: Erica Melzer/Twitter

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