Massive Majority of Americans Agree on Solution to Immigration Problem


A new poll conducted in tandem by The Economist and shows that a staggering number of Americans agree that illegal immigrants should be returned to their home countries.

The poll showed that 77% of those who participated believe this, while 66% say they feel "strong sympathy for the causes that drove them north". Assuming the 23% of Americans who did not believe the illegal immigrants should be sent to their home countries feel strong sympathy, this would mean that at least 43% of Americans who feel strong sympathy for the immigrants still believe they should still be sent back to their countries of origin.

To quote another interesting statistic, 57% of Americans "believe that immigrants are coming here because the government will be granting amnesty to undocumented immigrant children".  Additionally, only 33% of Americans polled believe that President Obama is handling the issue well.

Less surprisingly, a whopping 81% of Americans polled feel that the recent influx of illegal immigrants streaming through the southern border is a "serious" issue. As the Washington Examiner points out, though, many Americans do not agree on the speed and care that should be taken when returning illegal immigrants to their respective home countries.

The Washington Examiner writes, "10 percent said that Border Control should just return the children to the Mexican border. Another 32 percent said that the children should be returned home 'regardless of conditions in their home country,' and 35 percent said they should be returned 'only if' conditions are safe."

This analysis is rather important, as these are the details that will consume President Obama as he attempts to deal with the ongoing crisis, as simply "getting rid" of the thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them children, is more complicated than it may sound.

Dealing with child immigrants is especially difficult since George W. Bush signed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 into law. This law gives immigrant children more rights than they previously had, and President Obama now must work within the confines of this law when approaching the immigration issue.


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