Maryland Lawmakers Petition To Overturn Transgender Rights Bill


Two Maryland Delegates have started a petition to overturn the state’s recently passed transgender rights bill.

The petition, started by Republican Delegates Neil Parrott and Kathy Szeliga, aims to put the issue up for vote during elections this November. 

Szeliga maintains that she supports the rights of transgender people, but takes issue with the provisions allowing biologically male individuals to use women’s restrooms if they identify as female. According to the Washington Post, the conservative activists are referring to the legislation as the “bathroom bill.” 

“The expectation of women and men is to see people of the same gender in places like bathrooms and changing rooms. We wouldn’t be petitioning this bill if the sponsored had crafted it in a more thoughtful way,” Szeliga said to Fox News.

The bill, referred to officially as the Fairness for All Marylanders Act, is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Martin O’Malley. The legislation is similar to a law passed in California, but provides broader anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. 


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