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Mary Matalin Says We Don’t Need More Women In Politics (Video)

Republican Mary Matalin argued against more women in politics on Friday night’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” claiming females don’t know how to fix this country.

Bill Maher read to a guest panel, including former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), a quote from Fox News’ Brit Hume in which he said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is being demonized by the media because of the “feminized atmosphere in which we exist.”

He also read a quote from Fox’s Tucker Carlson who said, “There’s just something about Hillary [Clinton] that feels castrating, overbearing and scary.”

Democrat panelist James Carville, Matalin’s husband, shook his head.

“This is why the Republican party is shrinking – because they’re anti-women," Granholm argued.

She said if they were more women Congress there would be no question that insurance companies would cover female contraception "the same way they cover Viagra," there would be affordable child care and higher minimum wage because these are issues that effect women the most.

“There needs to be more women, but why don’t they run?” she asked. “They don’t run because they don’t’ want to put their foot into the piranhic waters which is Washington D.C.”

“I’ve been in the room since before you could even wear pants [in the White House]. Okay?” Matalin told Granholm.

“You disagree?” Granholm asked.

“It has nothing to do with our gender,” Matalin argued.

“If they’re going to legislate about us, we should be there,” said Granholm.

“Why do you think only women know how to fix this kind of stuff? They don’t,” Matalin said.

When Granholm pointed out there are only five female governors in the country, Matalin said being elected isn’t the only way for a woman to be successful. She accused Granholm of believing “power and fame” spells success.

“That’s a male-template for success,” Matalin said. “There’s lots of ways to have an impact.”

“Don’t you think it would be a fairer country if there were more people who looked like America representing America?” Granholm followed up to applause.

Sources: Mediaite, Gawker


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