Mark Sanford’s Ex-Wife, Jenny, Accuses Him of Trespassing


Mark Sanford’s venture back into mainstream politics will not be aided by his jilted ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.  

Despite the fact that her former husband is currently neck deep in a congressional run against the sister of a very popular news satirist, Jenny Sanford made an official complaint about him trespassing on her property in early February.

According to court documents, Mark Sanford was allegedly spotted covertly departing her Sullivans Island home on Feb. 3 of this year. The complaint was subsequently filed on the 4th. Per the pair’s divorce agreement, neither party is permitted to go into the other’s residence without expressed permission.

When asked about it this past Tuesday, Jenny Sanford confirmed that the incident happened. However, she did make it a point to note that she in no way wanted to ruin her ex’s chances at reclaiming political office.  

Sanford’s once-successful political career was disrupted when it was revealed that he had a lengthy extramarital affair. The matter came to light when he mysteriously vanished for five days in 2009, only to reappear and admit that he was with his Argentine mistress – to whom he is now engaged.

Sanford is currently running against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Stephen Colbert’s sister, for a congressional seat he previously held for three terms.

Sources: ABC, AJC


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