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Mark Sanford Proves He’s a Serious Politician by Debating Cardboard Cutout of Nancy Pelosi (Video)

In an effort to prove that he is still a serious politician, former Gov. Mark Sanford debated a cardboard cutout of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday.

Sanford, 52, is hoping to represent South Carolina's 1st District in Congress. His opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, has a sizeable lead over him in the polls and will likely retain it barring something totally unforeseen happening between now and election day.

As far as why Sanford was debating a piece of paper today, well, apparently it’s because he feels as though his opponent has been ducking him. Never mind that they are five days away from an actual, official debate; next week is too far away. Or something.  

"My opponent continues to run a stealth campaign, avoiding public appearances and refusing to commit to televised forums for the benefit of 1st district voters," Sanford said in a press release, according to the Huffington Post. "Since Elizabeth Colbert Busch refuses to articulate her views publicly, we are left to draw inferences for what she stands for on the basis of the groups that have made substantial monetary investments on her behalf."

So there you go. Sanford’s opposition wasted no time responding to his bizarre display.  

"While Mark Sanford continues his desperate campaign to deceive voters, Elizabeth Colbert Busch is spending her time with real people who support her campaign," spokesman James Smith said Wednesday in a statement sent to media. "Today alone, she’s meeting with a group of Republicans for Elizabeth Colbert Busch and a rally at Burke High School. She doesn’t have to resort to phony cardboard cutouts to talk with the people of South Carolina."

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