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Marine Veteran Blasts Trump For Purple Heart Comment

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A former Marine isn't happy that another Marine gave Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump his Purple Heart.

During a speech on August 2, a veteran handed Trump his Purple Heart. "I've always wanted to get the real Purple Heart,” Trump joked, according to NBC News. “This was much easier."

But Sean Barney, a Democrat running for Congress in Delaware, didn't appreciate Trump's response.

“As a veteran, I was quite simply astonished,” Barney wrote in an editorial for CNN. “I fought for our country in Iraq. I was wounded, and was awarded a Purple Heart. I can tell you, no one should ever 'want' to get a Purple Heart.”

Barney received a Purple Heart after getting shot in Iraq, “a war this country never should have fought,” Barney wrote.

“In May 2006, on a combat patrol in Falluja, I was shot through the neck by an enemy sniper,” he said. “I survived because I was lucky: The bullet severed my carotid artery but the heat of the round cauterized my artery to my jugular vein. I survived because I served with Marines and a Navy corpsman who are honest-to-God heroes.”

Barney went on to criticize Trump for not being able to take criticism and for his controversial comments about Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier who died in Iraq in 2004.

“If there was any question before, there should be no question now: Donald Trump does not have the character or temperament to serve as commander in chief,” Barney wrote. “The first responsibility of the commander in chief is to treat the willingness to sacrifice of those who voluntarily step forward to serve our country with the utmost seriousness.”

After Barney returned from Iraq, he told Politico that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which he hasn't been afraid to talk openly about, in hopes of getting attention for other veterans who struggle with the condition.

“I have the opportunity to run for Congress today because of a lot of things that were done for me, that were done right, and I want to tell that story,” Barney said. "I got what I needed, but too many veterans are not.”

Sources: CNN, NBC NewsPolitico / Photo credit: Sean Barney for Congress/Flickr

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