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Marine Brags on Facebook About Humiliating Afghani

You'd think he'd have learned a lesson from Abu Ghraib, but apparently not. A U.S. Marine could be in big trouble for going on Facebook and bragging about humiliating an Afghani.

Lionel Garcia posted the following status update from his base in Afghanistan Monday afternoon:

"Well I feel my work here is done. I officially made an afghani hold up a sign that says 'I'm A Faggot' while I took a picture of him, for every else there's master card."

Here is a screen grab of the post:

When encouragedd by friends to post the photo, Garcia writes:

"I'll try to post it up later on today, honestly I'll probably go to jail for a hate crime, this has no clue what that signs says and he's holding it with a big ass smile on his face."

One friend of Garcia's equally intelligent friends wrote in response:

"That is awsome... You make emerica proud son..."


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