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Marco Rubio Tackles Abortion At National Right To Life Convention

Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio of Florida decided to stop by the National Right to Life Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 10, where he called abortion rights “indefensible.”

Rubio called Roe v. Wade an “egregiously flawed Supreme Court decision,” Bloomberg reported.

“(If a fetus is) not a person, what is it? Because if you left it alone, that's the only thing it can become," he said. "It can’t develop into a pony!” Despite his apparent disapproval of the medical procedure, he has supported three exceptions to making abortion illegal - rape, incest and if the mother's life is at stake.

Rubio addressed the language issue in how abortion is discussed. "You can judge a cause by the arguments made on both sides. For example, I rarely meet anyone who's willing to say they're pro-abortion," Rubio said. "They'll say they're pro-choice, but almost everyone I've met says that they personally disagree with abortion. That alone tells us a little about the basic common sense the issue is built on.”

This isn’t the first time Rubio has made that argument. "You know, I'm reminded today of a speech I gave almost a decade ago, back when I was designated Speaker of the Florida House," Rubio said at the conference.  

The speech largely consisted of describing the hypothetical life of a woman who chooses not to receive an abortion. “Up to this point in her life, little has gone right for her. But today, her life has changed forever. Today, she held her firstborn child in her arms for the first time. And at that moment, she was no different than parents all over the world, rich and poor, privileged and disadvantaged alike,” he said at the time, Tampa Bay Times reported.

“Today, when she looked into the eyes of her child for the first time, she saw what your mother saw in your eyes and what my mother saw in mine. She saw all the hopes and dreams she once had for herself. And in her heart burns the hope that everything that has gone wrong in her life will go right for that child, that all the opportunities she never had, her child will.”

Rubio tied his earlier remarks back to the conference by saying, "You know, a lot of people at the time told me not to include that section in my speech, but I’m glad I did. Because public policy and public service are not about abstract ideas, at is core they are about human lives.”

Sources: Bloomberg, Tampa Bay Times Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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