Marco Rubio Quotes Jay-Z During Rand Paul’s Filibuster (Video)


Sen. Rand Paul’s memorable filibuster of the John Brennan nomination got particularly interesting in the waning hours.

While Sen. Paul was able to argue his case against the Obama Administration’s stunning mishandling of the drone program for most of the day, he did also get a bit of a help from other senators.

One of those senators, in the 12th hour of the filibuster and the clearest indicator of the day that all involved were running out of things to say, opted to cite a Jay-Z line while making his point.

“That takes me back to another modern day poet by the name of Jay-Z in one of the songs he wrote: 'It's funny what seven days can change. It was all good just a week ago,'" said Sen. Marco Rubio.

Rubio also dropped references to rapper Wiz Khalifa and ‘The Godfather’ in the same speech. Unsurprisingly, the filibuster ended just one hour later.  



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