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Men Try To Perform Exorcism On Sen. Ted Cruz (Video)

Two unidentified men attempted to perform an exorcism on Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas during the presidential candidate's rally on Feb. 8 in Raymond, New Hampshire (video below).

The men held mirrors and a wooden cross during the incident at the Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery, notes The Dallas Morning News.

“Ted Cruz look in the mirror, let the evil spirit depart leave, leave your power-hungry demonic soul and body!” one of the men yelled.

The men were pushed out of the room by police, and refused to give their names to the media.

"You know the very odd thing?" Cruz quipped. "Lefties don't usually believe in God."

Cruz was asked about global warming during a campaign stop in Henniker, New Hampshire, on Feb. 3.

The GOP candidate denied man-made climate change by referring to satellite images that he said showed a lack of significant change in global temperatures in the past 18 years, notes Mother Jones.

Cruz made a similar claim in December 2015 during a Congressional hearing.

In response, retired Rear Adm. David Titley, a meteorology professor at Penn State, brought out a chart that showed several decades beyond the 18-year window Cruz chose and the clear increase in global temperatures, reported Mother Jones at the time.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Mother Jones (2) / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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