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‘Man Of Science’ Sen. Tom Coburn Says Earth Is Moving Toward ‘Mini-Ice Age’

Long-time climate change denier, Sen. Tim Coburn, R-Okla., told a meeting at the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Congress Monday that, in his opinion, the Earth is moving toward a “mini-ice age.”

Coburn said the climate is changing, just as it has always changed, reported Wayne Greene of Tulsa World.

“I am a global warming denier," Coburn said. "I don’t deny that.”

As a physician and a man of science, Coburn said he thinks the evidence suggest the Earth is headed for a "mini-ice age," Tulsa World reported.

As hurricane season in the Gulf and the Atlantic continues until Nov. 30, it would seem the oceans have n it gotten any colder yet, since it’s warm water that feeds these storms. A relatively calm season so far, LiveScience predicts named storms will increase as of Aug. 30, as is usually the case.

Coburn is likely basing his opinion on the Farmer’s Almanac. The 197-year-old publication says we are in for a historic, “bitterly cold” winter. That prediction is based on planetary positions, lunar cycles and sunspots – a formula that’s been largely unchanged since 1818, CBS reports.

Coburn has a long track record of opposing disaster relief in the wake of natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, as well as blocking an increase to funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

New reports show Sandy washed away more than half of Long Island’s Fire Island, leaving the area more vulnerable to another storm.

Sources: Tulsa World, Raw Story, Huffington Post


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