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Man Removed From Flight in Miami for Yelling "Kill Jews"

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An Ohio man is under arrest in Miami after being forcibly removed from an airliner for shouting "I want to kill all the Jews."

The drama took place on the tarmac of Miami-Dade International Airport Wednesday night. Witnesses say Mansor Mohammad Asad (left) was chanting in a foreign language and claiming to be a Palestinian. When his rants got louder and anti-Semitic, pilots turned the plane around and went back to the gate.

When police boarded the plane, the 43-year-old Asad then allegedly threatened the officers. According to the affidavit quoted by the Associated Press, he said, "I'm not afraid of you cops, I've gotten in fights with cops in Ohio and broke their arms in three places. I've broken skulls too!"

Police eventually had to use a stun gun on Asad when he charged at the officers, the report said. No weapons or explosives were found on him. Asad was taken to Miami-Dade County jail following his arrest. He was charged with making threats against a public servant, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer.

The FBI says so far, this doesn't appear to be related to terrorism.

Asad's three traveling companions -- his brother, sister, and the brother's daughter -- were also removed from the plane and questioned, but they were not taken into custody. The brother said Asad has a history of behavioral problems, and has been in and out of hospitals since he was 14.


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