Rhode Island Bus Driver Dressed Up As Old Woman In Political Stunt (Video)

An unidentified middle-aged male bus driver was dressed up as an elderly woman during a press conference at the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center in Rhode Island on Jan. 5 (video below).

The news conference was attended by Cranston Mayor Allan Fung and Sue Stenhouse, the town's director of senior services, reports WJAR.

The bus driver wore a dress, wig, lipstick, earrings and a label that read, "Cranston Senior Home Resident," which he was not.

The bus driver was allegedly told to dress this way by Stenhouse for the news conference to help promote the “student snow shoveling brigade,” an initiative in which high schoolers shovel snow for low-income and elderly people, notes The Providence Journal.

Stenhouse resigned after the masquerade was revealed, but later said she didn't know what happened.

"I've been in a meeting all night, being a great public servant for the city of Warwick," Stenhouse told WJAR. "And now, I get this [expletive]. And you guys did not reach out to me. And that was a big lie on the news."

WJAR said that it did reach out to Stenhouse before the story aired.

Carlos Lopez Estrada, chief of staff for Fung, was asked by The Providence Journal to confirm if the bus driver had been disguised for the media event, and replied: “I really can’t.”

According to The Associated Press, Fung would not comment about the incident.

Sources: WJAR, The Associated Press, The Providence Journal / Photo Credit: The Associated Press Screenshot

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