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L.A. Health Dept. Issues How-To Guide on Ecstasy

By Brian Doherty

L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich is angry that his county's Public Health Department is distributing a flyer that might actually improve public health by giving sensible advise about how not to get ill when using street ecstasy:

Antonovich said the flier, created after a 15-year-old girl died of an Ecstasy overdose after attending a Coliseum rave last June, did not fit the spirit of the county's anti-drug policy.

"Counseling young people on the use of the illegal drug Ecstasy is stupid and contrary to Los Angeles County's zero-tolerance policy on drugs," Antonovich said in a statement.

The "spirit of the country's anti-drug policy": f**k off and die, druggie, and if you don't, you're under arrest!

The offending flyer.:

Image placeholder title
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The L.A. Weekly also gets snide about the flyers, part of their larger attempt at a repeat performance of their last unfortunate success in goading local authorities into unnecessary and damaging actions regarding a non-crisis involving ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!!!! and the fiends who use them.

The Drug Policy Alliance defends the flyer.


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