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Majority Of Republicans Believe Trump Will Win GOP Nomination

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The latest Rasmussen poll found that the majority of Republican voters believe Donald Trump will be the party’s candidate in the 2016 election. According to the poll, 57 percent of voters answered that Trump is likely to secure the nomination.

As The Hill reports, that’s a significant jump from a similar poll taken in June, when just 27 percent of respondents voiced confidence in the real estate mogul.

The poll is yet another victory for Trump’s campaign, which has managed to maintain support despite repeated doubts that his candidacy is serious. It seems like a new poll emerges almost daily confirming that voters want to support Trump, despite media outlets like The Huffington Post categorizing his campaign as entertainment and analysts like Nate Silver dismissing the legitimacy of his run.

Trump is undoubtedly tapping into a dissatisfaction among GOP voters in their party’s establishment leadership. Without Trump, Jeb Bush might be the presumed nominee to take on Hillary Clinton. Yet Trump’s proven success demonstrates that the will of the people will not accept a continuation of the status quo in Washington, D.C.

Confidence in Trump’s chances is not exclusive to the Republican Party. According to the same Rasmussen poll, 49 percent of “all likely voters” believe Trump is “very likely” to win the nomination. Again, that compares to 23 percent in the last survey. Still, almost half of all voters — at 48 percent — believe Trump is “not at all likely” to be nominated.

Although even this poll will be unlikely to convince Trump doubters that he could run in the general election, the rest of the GOP base should be concerned. Trump has forced candidates like Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul to slip in the polls whenever they attack him and he successfully attacks back.

Even if Trump’s not on the Republican ticket in 2016, he has threatened to run for a third party. He’s dominating media coverage, despite making outlandishly offensive statements that come across as racist and nationalistic.

Even if he has no legitimate chance of winning the nomination or the election, there’s no doubt his presence in the race has completely disrupted the campaign cycle. American politics may never be the same.

Sources: The Hill, Rasmussen Reports, FiveThirtyEight / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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