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Majority Of Americans Believe Hillary Clinton Was Wrong To Use Private Server

A majority of Americans believe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was an example of unethical or illegal behavior. A McClatchy-Marist survey found 68 percent of Americans are positive Clinton committed something wrong by using a private email server.

When asked whether or not Clinton did something illegal, only 28 percent of respondents answered yes. Of those surveyed, 40 percent agreed her actions were unethical, while 27 percent answered that the former secretary of state did nothing wrong, according the McClatchy-Marist survey.

While the majority of Republicans agree that Clinton is culpable, with 56 percent deeming her use of a private server illegal, a large number of Democrats also believe what she did was wrong, with 40 percent agreeing that her actions were unethical.

“The North Koreans, the Chinese have information now that they got from her emails,” a Republican respondent, James Milton, told McClathy DC. “It’s illegal, unethical and quite frankly treasonous. This woman behaved in a manner that makes me think that she’s above the law.”

The FBI announced on Nov. 12 that it would be expanding its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server. It claims to be trying to discover any “materially false” statements were made and whether or not there was an attempted cover-up, Fox News reports.

Americans seem to be split on the Benghazi hearings, with 49 percent agreeing that Clinton has sufficiently answered for the 2011 terrorist attack. Democrats overwhelmingly consider the issue closed, with only 15 percent agreeing that House Republicans should continue investigating.

“The ongoing investigative nonsense is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer resources,” a Democrat respondent, Michael Meredith, told McClatchy DC. “We have far more important issues to worry about.”

Despite the persistent email scandal, CBS News/NYT poll shows that the presidential candidate is currently leading the Democratic primary by 21.6 percentage points, according to Real Clear Politics.

Sources: Fox News, McClatchyDC, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Hillary For America/Flickr

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