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Macron And Trump Share Another Atypical Greeting (Video)

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A handshake between U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron has again drawn attention for more than just the meeting of world leaders (video below).

At the NATO summit in Brussels, Macron walked out to greet a group of world leaders before the summit began. Video posted on HuffPost shows that Macron appears to walk straight towards Trump as the two groups begin to converge, but Macron quickly swerves to greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel first instead.

He shakes hands with Merkel and another world leader before shaking hands with Trump, which almost seemed like a postscript to their aggressive handshake on May 25.

Macron grabs Trump's hand, and Trump sharply yanks Macron towards him in what's become a signature Trump move. Macron then forcefully pats the yanking arm of Trump.

"I'd like to see other world leaders follow Macron's example -- walk towards Trump, body swerve, greet someone else, wrote one user on Twitter. "He'd hate it."

Macron shared the clip of the greeting on his Twitter page.

"Fabulous shade thrown by Macron here," wrote another user. "The swerve, the handshake order, the alpha arm pat (which Trump tries to equalise)."

The two men met for the first time since Macron won the highly contentious French election against far right-wing anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen.

In the initial meeting with Macron, Trump praised him for running an "incredible campaign" and his "tremendous victory," according to CNN.

French outlets also reported that Trump told Macron "you were my guy all along," but The Associated Press searched through tweets, transcripts and interviews and found that Trump openly supported Macron's opponent, Le Pen.

In an interview with AP on April 21, Trump praised Le Pen's abilities to control France's borders and called her the strongest candidate.

The Washington Post reports that Macron has seemed so well prepared for Trump's aggressive handshakes because he was given advance warning before they met.

Macron was warned by the French ambassador to the U.S. after the ambassador learned about the nature of Trump's handshakes. The ambassador had previously sent a memo to the French president with a list of tips and strategies for his first meeting with Trump.

Another Trump incident became social media fodder when Trump appeared to shove Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, who was walking ahead of Trump, so Trump could be standing at the front of the group, according to NBC News.

"It seems Donald Trump did not want that anyone overshadows his presence at the summit," wrote a Montenegro newspaper.

Markovic says he didn't really notice.

Sources: HuffPost, CNN, The Washington Post, AP via The New York Times, NBC News / Photo credit: Official Leweb Photos/Flickr

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