Louisiana Upholds Ban On Oral Sex, While Necrophilia Remains Legal


The Louisiana House of Representatives voted this week to uphold an anti-sodomy law that bans oral sex in the state.

A measure to remove the ban failed by a wide margin Tuesday, in a vote of 27-67.

Meanwhile, according to The Blot, necrophilia or sex with a dead person is technically legal in the state of Louisiana.

The anti-sodomy law was overturned and declared unconstitutional after a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. But while the law cannot be enforced and sodomy can’t be used as a cause for arrest, the House refuses to remove it from the books.

Louisiana Family Forum, one of the state’s most powerful conservative Christian lobbying groups, was against striking down the unenforceable law.

LFF claims that without the sodomy law young people will be exposed to sexual predators.

"Louisiana's anti-sodomy statute is consistent with the values of Louisiana residents who consider this behavior to be dangerous, unhealthy and immoral," LFF said in a letter sent to every lawmaker ahead of the vote.

According to the Times-Picayune, the majority of the representatives who voted to get rid of the anti-sodomy law were from the state’s most populated and urban areas.

Sources: The Blot, ThinkProgress, Times-Picayune


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