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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Announces His Presidential Candidacy

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced he’s joining the Republican presidential candidate field for 2016. He is the 13th major presidential candidate to enter the running.

Jindal, 44, was once considered the wunderkind of the GOP, but the June 24 announcement of his presidential campaign and lackluster performance in the polls has left many doubtful about his future. In the most recent poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, he received less than 1 percent support from conservative primary voters. 

His poor performance in the national polls could be linked to his struggles in Louisiana. The state has budget problems and his constituents have given him low approval ratings, NBC reported.

Jindal is a social conservative who is trying to appeal to the Christian right, but he has faced criticism from his own party over his aggressively conservative economic politics, The Atlantic reported.

Jindal’s supporters said he could win over voters because positions on social conservatism will be “fearless.”

“He’s not afraid to talk about things that normal politicians are nervous to talk about,” one aide told The Washington Post before Jindal announced his candidacy.

Jindal was only 36 when he was elected governor, making him the first Indian-American governor. “The question is not whether he’ll be president,” Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said in 2008, “but when he’ll be president.”

Sources: The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NBC

Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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